Free Hit Counter > FAQ
  1. How do I get a free hit counter for my web page?
    Just sign up for a free account here.

  2. Is your hit counter really free?
    Yes, no strings attached. We hope to keep it free permanently. You don't ever need to worry about losing your free hit counter.

  3. What do you stand to gain from offering a free counter?
    Actually ... ... NOTHING. Nobody pays us a cent to use our free counters. At the moment, we just enjoy offering nice folks a free counter that is simple to use - with no strings attached.

  4. Can anyone get a free counter?
    Yes. You may use your free counter for your personal and small business sites. But like all other decent folks, we can't accept sites with the following themes: pornography, gambling, hate speech, illegal content, etc.

  5. Can your free counter work with all sites?
    Our free counters will work with all static HTML sites. Since they are for low volume use, they may not work with dynamically generated pages. Dynamically generated pages are web pages with a question mark (?) or equal sign (=) in their URLs.

  6. Do I need to show annoying ads on my web site?
    No. Your hit counter is totally ad-free. You will never need to show any advertisements on your web site.

  7. Is the counter good for heavy traffic?
    No. Our counters are good for most personal and small business websites. If your site has VERY HEAVY traffic, you're better off using dedicated statistic programs from your web hosting provider.

  8. Do you provide tech support for your free counters?
    As much as we love to help everyone enjoy the use of TinyCounter, we aren't able to do so due to resource limitations. The counters are REALLY simple to add to your site. If you have questions, please use this FAQ.

  9. Will you ever spam me?
    NO. We do not send out emails to users. Your email address is on file for password retrieval purpose only - in case you ever forget your password! (which happens most of the time)

  10. How do I display my free hit counter on my web page?
    To display your free hit counter on your web page, go to Get Counter Code after you have logged onto your account. Copy and paste the code provided to where you want your free hit counter to appear on your web page.

  11. My counter doesn't show up properly on my free website. What is wrong?
    The counter code we provide is using standard HTML. You need to add this code through your free website's HTML editor instead of the Plain Text editor. Consult your free website's documentation on how to add HTML codes into webpages.

  12. Can I use my free hit counter in email messages?
    NO. Your free hit counter will NOT work in email messages. Your account will also be flagged for deletion if you try to display the counter in email messages. This is to prevent spammers from abusing our counters in their spam messages.

  13. What is the difference between page hit and unique visitor?
    You can choose to have your free counter incremented by either page hits or unique visitors. For page hits, counter is incremented every time a page with the counter is loaded. For unique visitors, counter is ONLY incremented every time a different person visits your website.

  14. How can I reset my counter number to zero?
    Login to your free counter at our website. Click on the "Edit Counter" menu and you'll find a "Reset counter to 0" button near the bottom of the page. Click on that button to reset your counter number to zero.

  15. Can I get a second counter using my existing account?
    Your existing account only supports one counter. To get a second counter, you need to sign up for a new account with a different email address and username.

  16. How do I delete my account and/or counter?
    Simply remove the counter from your website. There's nothing else you need to do.

  17. My counter suddenly stopped showing up. What is wrong?
    As mentioned above, our counter is good for most personal and business sites with reasonable traffic. However if you are pounding your free counter real hard, our system may temporarily stop showing your counter. If you find that your counter has stopped working permanently, then we probably have banned your account for violation of our Terms and Conditions.