Startups can’t afford to waste time or money on marketing activities that don’t attract new customers, making lead credit essential. Lead tracking is a method to determine which marketing actions are bringing in potential customers. For new businesses, understanding this is crucial. Here is a list of the seven best lead-tracking tools for startups. These tools, when implemented on a website, provide valuable insights into the marketing strategies that generate the most sales.

List of the Best Leading Attribution Solutions

List of the Best

Before getting into the best tools, it’s important to know the three main types of lead attribution:

  • First-Touch Attribution – This method attributes the initial interaction a prospect has with your company.
  • Last-Touch Attribution – This method assigns credit to the final interaction before the prospect converts into a customer.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution – This method distributes the revenue generated from a lead across multiple marketing activities.

While Google Analytics offers insights into first-touch and last-touch attribution, third-party lead attribution software provides a more comprehensive view of multi-touch attribution. The following best-in-class tools offer the end-to-end lead attribution insights necessary for making informed marketing decisions.


Sona, a customer data platform, helps businesses understand user transitions from initial clicks to becoming customers by collecting data across various touchpoints and offering a comprehensive view of lead attribution. Sona’s standout features include advanced attribution codes for web and mobile touchpoints that automatically collect user behavior data, identity resolution to track individual activities across multiple devices and update user records from anonymous to known states, and event and user data integration that connects user actions on web or mobile sites with their unique profiles, enabling businesses to identify which clicks or pages convert prospects into customers.

Free Proxy Server

Proxy servers mask IP addresses using an intermediary IP. Since proxy servers don’t encrypt data, they’re less secure than VPNs, but they block website users’ IP addresses.


Rockerbox provides complete marketing data solutions that make it easy to see how well multichannel efforts are working. Rockerbox’s insights go beyond digital channels like email and social media to real channels like TV and direct mail. This lets businesses know how different marketing strategies affect conversions. Some important features include advanced attribution models that let you do first-touch, last-touch, and multi-touch attribution analysis, and machine learning can be used to get even more information. Rockerbox also lets businesses track the path to sale so they can see where leads come from and improve their plans to get new customers faster.


The MonsterInsights plugin seamlessly integrates Google Analytics data into your WordPress Dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview of your website’s traffic and trends directly within the familiar WordPress environment. Upon installation, MonsterInsights simplifies web tracking setup across various devices and campaigns with just a few clicks. It provides real-time insights by monitoring active users and tracking their actions as they navigate your site. The plugin also enables detailed analysis of ad and affiliate link performance, revealing which marketing efforts drive significant traffic and conversions. Furthermore, MonsterInsights empowers you to delve into page analytics, identifying top-performing pages and content types that most effectively contribute to overall conversions, including insights on authors, tags, and post types.


Zoho offers powerful tools to track and analyze the customer journey, helping businesses understand how prospects evolve into customers. With Zoho, you can utilize visual lead-tracking tools that provide clear insights into the progression of leads over time. Customizable reports enable you to pinpoint the sources that drive traffic to your website and identify the catalysts that lead to conversions. Attribution reports detail the channels and pages that attract visitors and facilitate conversions. Behavior reports offer valuable insights into user navigation patterns, actions taken on your website or app, and the frequency of achieving conversion goals among anonymous, known, and returning visitors. Additionally, Zoho provides comprehensive multichannel marketing reports covering email, social media, and SMS campaigns, offering detailed metrics on engagement metrics like opens, clicks, likes, shares, and geolocation data.


As a result of the fast increase in marketing expenditures, new businesses need to make investments in strategies that are able to generate leads successfully. In light of this difficulty, the significance of lead attribution solutions cannot be overstated. Utilizing these technologies, organizations are able to determine which marketing efforts result in the generation of web traffic and leads, as well as identify the sites and campaigns that are responsible for driving sales. There is a wide variety of pricing points and functionality offered by the top seven lead attribution tools, which enables organizations to pick the solutions that are the most appropriate for their requirements.