Customer feedback is crucial for validating that your products or services effectively address needs, solve problems, and deliver desired outcomes for consumers. Fortunately, a variety of customer feedback tools are accessible, offering valuable insights into customer perceptions. Choosing the appropriate tool enables your brand to identify areas of satisfaction, uncertainties, and opportunities for enhancement, ensuring targeted improvements where needed. Here’s a rundown of the top 27 customer feedback tools for 2024.

Top Feedback Platforms Analyzed

Top Feedback

Gaining a full understanding of the client experience with your company may be accomplished via the collection of feedback from customers, which is an essential strategy. The best tools for collecting feedback from customers are those that come with features that are specifically intended to make this process easier. First, let’s take a look at the several platforms that are available to your company in order to gather vital feedback from customers:

Hubspot’s Customer Feedback Platform

HubSpot’s customer feedback tool lets you design and personalize surveys to get consumer feedback on your company. You may assess customer loyalty using surveys like net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES).

Best for: Understanding client opinions about your firm. After assessing consumer happiness, you may find strategies to please them.

HubSpot’s customer feedback platform highlights: There are several question kinds, customisable templates, and built-in feedback dashboards to collect client feedback about your company. You’ll have a smooth experience whether you’re new to customer feedback tools or have years of expertise.

You can send surveys by email or web link, collect consumer data in real-time, and share findings with your team. It will help you build stronger consumer connections and retain them.


Hotjar lets firms know how website visitors act. Heatmaps, records, and surveys enable this.

Best for: Finding the most popular portions of your website and seeing it through the perspective of your target audience.

Notable Hotjar features: Hotjar heatmaps reveal where people spend most of their time, which buttons they hit, and what they avoid on your site.

Hotjar provides fantastic feedback and is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.


An unlimited number of monthly statistics on the real-time feedback provided by website users are provided by Feedbackify, which also gives a free trial for customers to test out before making a purchase. With a registration process that takes just thirty seconds and an integration process that takes only five minutes, it is ideal for beginning the collecting of customer feedback right away. One of the most notable advantages is the constant collection of feedback, which enables companies to pay attention to their clients and make modifications in a timely manner. The most valuable asset you own is the input of your customers, and Feedbackify makes the process of collecting that feedback easier.


With the use of artificial intelligence, Qualaroo improves analytics by not only showing what users are doing but also providing the reasons behind their actions. This allows for the delivery of comprehensive analytics and reports. It is the most effective method for gaining knowledge of the behavior of customers and finding methods to improve their experience. Notable features include exit surveys and Qualaroo “nudges,”which provide help along the customer journey. Additionally, complete feedback options across websites, applications, goods, and user experience are also included. Furthermore, Qualaroo is a lightweight solution that does not impair the speed of the website.


Yotpo is an e-commerce retention marketing platform designed to help businesses generate and showcase authentic customer reviews on their websites, aiming to transform one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Best for: Assisting businesses in boosting conversions and increasing recurring revenue through multiple channels such as SMS, reviews, loyalty and referrals, email, and subscriptions.

Notable features of Yotpo: The platform includes features that help businesses manage their online reputation. These features encompass a customizable review invitation system, automated spam filters, integration with social media platforms, and a robust analytics dashboard that provides insights into customer behavior.

What is liked: Yotpo simplifies the process for businesses to request and collect customer feedback, which can be used to enhance products, services, and overall customer experience.


To help new users get up and running with an app’s functionality, Pendo is a feedback tool that can make in-app tours. A sentiment analysis tool is also part of it for gauging how customers feel about various services and goods. If you want to improve user orientation, save user input, and generate data reports to find product strengths, places to develop, and features that raise revenue, then this feature is for you. Some of the most significant features include customer segmentation, data visualization, conversion tracking, customized reports and templates, and third-party connections with platforms. Aside from that, Pendo improves response rates as it lets companies bypass internet surveys and provide NPS, questionnaires, and evaluations straight to their mobile app.

Identifying Your Business’s Core Drivers

The development and success of your company are directly correlated to the input offered by your customers. Enhancing consumer engagement, elevating customer happiness, and improving sales conversion rates are all possible outcomes that may be driven by providing feedback that is both accurate and fast. You may begin the process of discovering actual insights into how customers see your brand by making use of one of the outstanding tools that were already listed above.


Customer feedback is indispensable for the continuous growth and success of any business. Leveraging the right feedback tools can provide deep insights into customer perceptions, preferences, and pain points. By utilizing the top platforms discussed above, businesses can enhance consumer engagement, elevate satisfaction levels, and drive higher conversion rates. Selecting the most suitable tool for your specific needs ensures that you can accurately and promptly capture valuable feedback, enabling targeted improvements and fostering stronger customer relationships.