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Everyday we receive many wonderful thank-you emails from grateful members who have enjoyed their 100% FREE TinyCounter.

We've on file hundreds of thank-you emails from every corner of the world. We're blessed to know that this truly FREE service has been useful to so many people. Keep sending those notes ... we love the encouragement!

Here's what some of our members have to say about Tiny Counter:

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"Very Easy... Works well. I have tried other counters, none of them worked on my site, but this one works great!"
"I just love your hit counter. I can change it anytime. Good going!"
"Helps me keep track of how many people visit my site each day. Thank you."
"I love this hit counter. It is one of the best."
"This is a great site for counters. Thanks a lot."
Ali Naseer
"These are some cool counters dude."